Yiorgos Kaloudis presents a solo concert with his compositions from his personal discography.

Silence that makes time expand, used by the artist, creates an outwardly mystical horizon that redeem the limitation of senses. With the use of effects and live loop recording technique, he creates sound layers that amplify the soundscape, enhancing the timber of the two instruments.

Kaloudis composes Contemplative music for his two instruments and experiments on the effect of sound on the subtle human emotions.

The poetic expression of the bow, in the tonal/tropic form of compositions, the experimentation on improvisation and the use of multiple vibrations, creates an emotional imprint of catharsis.

Yiorgos Kaloudis : 
Classical Cretan Lyra (4-stringed Cretan Lyra with sympathetic strings),
vocals & live-loop-recording


July 2019, Festival Diagonales d’ete 2019, ENSEMBLE ORGANUM - CIRMA, at the St.Peter Cathedral, Moissac/France, in collaboration with the Maestro Marcel Perez.

June 2019, AD LUCEM Festival, at the St.Peter Cathedral in Riga, Latvia. 

April 2019, UNESCO Auditorium in Paris. 

June 2018, Orthi Petra - Homeric Necropolis at Eleftherna, Rethymno. (after more than 8000 years of silence). 

March 2018, Megaron Athens Underground Concert Hall. 

February 2018, Cyprus, Archaeological Kastelliotissa Hall in Nicosia. 

October 2017, Cyprus, Archaeological Royal Manor House in Paphos. 

August 2017, Ancient Theatre of Aptera, in Chania, (after more than 2000 years of silence). 

March 2015, New Archaeological Museum of Dion, by the occasion of the Ancient Hydraulis inauguration.