Through the freedom of silence where time expands, the composer is searching the precious enlightenment through the poetic truth of the cello and the Cretan Lyra sound, revealing soundscapes, and extending the expressive limits of the two instruments.
He uses the live-loop-recording technique to orchestrate sound layers during his performance. A string environment is creating the particular harmonic architecture of the cello and the Cretan Lyra.
The architecture of harmony, inspired by the emotional imprinting, depth of field, and freedom of improvisation, the concert reveals a sound horizon, and an atmospheric soundscape with apparent influences from Classical, Ambient and World music.

Yiorgos Kaloudis's solo concert consists of pieces from his discography, "TRUTH", "ON THE WIND", "J.S. Bach Cello Suites on the Cretan Lyra",  as well as material from his upcoming releases.


Yiorgos Kaloudis : 

4-string Cretan Lyra


Extracts from the MEGARON Athens Concert Hall (3/3/2018)