by Yiorgos Kaloudis

"Silence makes time expand, creating an inner mystical horizon that enriches our self awareness. When watching a candle light… We don’t wonder how long it takes to light the flame. We don’t mind of the trembling and unstable flame. We don’t question the brightness of the light. We simply get absorbed by the beauty, the serenity and the simplicity of this tiny flame, so powerful to withdraw us from the outer reality and make us contemplate.” Y.K.


DNA Label presents Yiorgos Kaloudis’s new cd “APTERA”.

Live recording at the Holy temple of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, “The Conceived”, Catholic Diocese of Thira, Santorini, (July 2018).

Kaloudis composes Contemplative music for his two instruments, the cello and the classical Cretan lyra, and experiments on the effect of sound on the subtle human emotions. With the use of effects and live loop recording technique, he creates sound layers that amplify the soundscape, enhancing the timber of the two instruments. The poetic expression of the bow, in the tonal/tropic form of compositions, the experimentation on improvisation and the use of multiple vibrations, creates an emotional imprint of catharsis.

APTERA is a tribute to the Ancient Theatre of Aptera in Chania/Crete that Kaloudis brought to life after 17 centuries of silence, (August 2017), in the first concert that took place in the newly excavated and restored monument, and named after this historical site.

Yiorgos Kaloudis :
classical Cretan lyra (4-stringed Cretan Lyra with sympathetic strings)
vocals & live-loop-recording

Sound & mastering engineer: Panagiotis Chountas

Mastered at the Sierra Studios, Athens

Photography by Lambros Papanikolatos

Graphic designer: Iliana Alexandrou

2019 DNA Label

Special thanks to Dimitris Michelogiannis and Konstantinos Grigoriou