by Yiorgos Kaloudis

On February of 2005, DNA Label Records, released Yiorgos Kaloudis debut solo, CD album, "TRUTH".

Live studio recording!

Compositions for cello, kanun & el.bass guitar, orchestrated for duets and trios, with an elegant use of the live-loop-recording technique, to create sound layers during the performance.


Yiorgos Kaloudis : violoncello, cello timbres, electric & acoustic guitar, 4-string electric bass, vocals , cajon, drums

Ruth Hill : kanun (on tracks 2 & 9)

Sylvan Richardson : 6-string electric bass (on tracks 2,4 & 6)

All tunes are composed, arranged and produced by Yiorgos Kaloudis
"Truth" arranged by Yiorgos Kaloudis & Sylvan Richardson

Produced by Yiorgos Kaloudis
Executive Producers: Michael Nivolianitis, Alexander Christaras

Recorded at the Dna Label studios, Athens
Recording and Mixing engineer: Philip Marinelis
Mastered at ERA studios by Simos Protopsaltis

Photography: Lambros Papanikolatos
Artwork: Artemis 1932

Poem Extracts from Dimitris Hill's book ''Oreotita'', Iolkos Publishers 2003
Poems translated in English by Victor Hill

DNA Label Records, Athens 2005

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